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Radio Control Boats

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Miss Elam 1/12 Brushless Hydro Miss Elam 1/12 Brushless Hydro
  • -€38.00

Miss Elam 1/12 Brushless Hydro

Regular price €297.99 Price €259.99

 With speeds normally reserved for nitro boats and the simplicity of brushless electric power, the Miss Elam Brushless RTR brings a whole new level of ease to the RTR segment. Pro Boat’s powerful brushless electric motor propels the Miss Elam BL to speeds that rival the record-holding full-size boat, and Pro Boat’s unique magnetic hatch allows quick and...

Alpha Patrol 21 RTR

Price €274.99

 The Pro Boat® Alpha Patrol Boat is perfect for the lake or your mantle. Everything from the trim scheme to working LEDs to the way the Alpha runs on the water is designed to make your experience as realistic as possible. You can hit the water with dual brushed 390 size, 22T motors, 60-amp Brushed LiPo Compatible Waterproof ESC and a durable ABS hull. To...

River Jet 23 RTR

Price €329.99

 There's nothing like riding in a full-scale jet boat, from jumping waves to darting across the lake. Jet boats can change direction in a heartbeat, providing thrill ride after thrill ride. The 23-inch RTR Deep-V River Jet Boat lets you cruise anywhere—including through rapids and moving water. The jet boat doesn't have an exposed propeller, turn fins or...

React 17 RTR

Price €119.99

 The Pro Boat® React™ 17 puts you in command of precision crafted Deep-V that you can take nearly anywhere. A self-righting hull guarantees you’ll never be "up a creek without a paddle" if you ever go belly up. 

Miss Geico 17 Catamaran RTR

Price €139.99

 The Pro Boat® 17-inch Miss GEICO catamaran represents the true meaning of "fun." Brought to you by a global leader in RC boating, the 17-inch Miss GEICO catamaran offers a ton of fun and is loaded with features typically found in larger, higher-priced radio control boats. Your only problem will be how to find more time to spend on the water. The Miss...

Stealthwake 23 RTR

Price €179.99

 The razor-sharp Stealthwake™ 23-inch Deep-V comes ready to blend in and turn heads at a moment’s notice. The perfect addition to any arsenal, the Stealthwake™ 23 Deep-V is ideal when the mission calls for speed, precision, and style. Armed with an under-the-radar black matte finish and lethally efficient 550-size motor, the Stealthwake 23 Deep-V comes...

Blackjack 24 Catamaran BL RTR

Price €259.99

 Want to experience all catamaran boating can offer at full-throttle? Then look no further than the Blackjack™ 24. From its deceiving size down to its distinctive trim scheme, the Blackjack 24 comes ready to be your ace in the hole and to deliver the RC boating action you crave. Equipped with a formidable 2000Kv water-cooled motor and action ready Li-Po...

Veles 29 Brushless Catamaran RTR

Price €469.99

 The Veles 29-inch Catamaran looks as good as it performs. It has much in common with the Blackjack 29, but has some new tricks up its sleeve-including an all-new hull and a 6-pole 2000Kv motor that is more efficient and powerful. On 4S Li-Po, the motor can propel the boat to 45+ miles per hour. With 6S power, this boat can hit speeds of 50+ miles per...