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Team Losi Racing

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22-4 Race Kit: 1/10 4WD Buggy 22-4 Race Kit: 1/10 4WD Buggy
  • -€73.00

22-4 Race Kit: 1/10 4WD Buggy

Regular price €372.99 Price €299.99

 The 22-4™ (Twenty Two-Four™) buggy is the result of over two years of testing, tweaking and sweating the small stuff, with a focus on durability as well as performance. Everything from the chassis plate to the drivetrain has been designed or chosen by some of the best engineers and drivers in the world. It all adds up to a well-balanced machine that will...

22 3.0 MM Race Kit: 1/10... 22 3.0 MM Race Kit: 1/10...
  • -€60.00

22 3.0 MM Race Kit: 1/10 2WD Buggy

Regular price €349.99 Price €289.99

 The evolution of the 22™ platform continues with the 22 3.0 buggy. Changes include a wider chassis, new motor location and a revised suspension. The kit also includes the option parts necessary to build a pro-level vehicle, right out of the box. 

TEN-SCTE 3.0 Race Kit: 1/10 4WD SCT

Price €519.99

 The TEN-SCTE platform has been the dominant force in the 4WD SCT class since its inception. With the TEN-SCTE 3.0 kit, TLR engineers started with the championship-winning 2.0 and refined its suspension geometry to be optimized for all track conditions. These refinements also make the truck easier to drive. Other changes include center driveline...

22T 3.0 MM Race Kit: 1/10 2WD Stadium Truck

Price €309.99

 The championship-winning 22™ platform saw major revisions with the release of the 22 3.0 buggy. The 22T 3.0 stadium truck benefits from the same level of innovation. Plus, many parts that were considered optional on the 22T 2.0 are now included so you can build to team spec right out of the box.